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Increasing your clinic's patients up to 40% | ZDG Consulting

Incrementando sus pacientes en un 40%

José Garbarz, MD. is an 80 years old doctor with over 40 years of experience in Biological Medicine and Orthomolecular therapy, who told us “I don’t understand how internet works but I know that if I want to be up to date to meet my patients needs, I must invest in new technologies.” He is an old-fashioned professional, eminence in his country and well know therapist all around the world who wanted to reach a larger market share with internet and online marketing.

This was a difficult task because he never had a website, not even an email address. José wanted to increase his clinic’s patients up to 30% .

José had numerous quotations of a variety of companies, but he rejected all because none of them could give him a global solution, that included not only a website development but an outsourced  service who can manage his emails (he and his secretary doesn’t know how to use internet), a Google ™ and Facebook ™ Ads campaign, a computer and hardware provider, a hosting and web management service, among others.

ZDG Consulting made a proposal which included:

- SEO friendly website.
– Computer equipment for the clinic (PC’s, notebooks, WiFi for the waiting room, etc)
– Online and Social Media Marketing campaign
– 24/7 email support for patients
– Hardware and software support for the clinic
– Hosting and web management

Web Development

The task: Create a simple and elegant website with a contact form in only one page.

To do this we decided to put a slider in the header of the site showing pictures of him with well known professionals like Balz Frei, MD Director of the Linus Pauling Institute or photos with awards and nominations.

And then list al the benefits and FAQ’s of the treatment he provides. The site was coded in HTML, and AJAX for CEO purposes.
At the bottom of the website there is a contact form, an images section and a map with the location of the clinic and nearby parkings. There are also links to social networks such as, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can check the website HERE.

Online Marketing

Once the website was up and running we needed to bring new visitors, so we decided to make a Google Adwords Campaign, we set up the account and created several Ads including text and animated Ads.
Altough it wasn’t and easy task because our target market are people of advance age and not technology heavy-users, so we develop ads that target the elderly but middle age people as well, so we can reach to the sons, nepheus or direct family of people who may suffer from arthritis or other reumatoideal deseases.

The results were great. In over 12 months the website had more than 60,000 visitors from the campaing and over 10 emails with new inquires per day.


Since neither professor Garbarz or his secretary know how to use email,  we deploy a two-way system that help us deliver all the responses to the senders. An employee of ZDG Consulting was in charge of comunicating new inquires to de Doctor and then he would reply to the sender. After a while we developed a system so he can easily respond to all the incoming requests. Meanwhile a private instructor hired by ZDG Consulting gave him lessons so he can eventually answer the emails on his own.


Until then, new patients reach José’s treatments by classic advertising or friend referal. At first, the ratio of patients refered by online advertising vs. classic  was 1 over 10, now is 4 over 10, this means that 40% of new incoming patients are refered by online ads and search engines.

We exceed our original goal by 10% and continue growing over time.


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